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Your reliable and experienced lawyer and chartered accountant



Helmut W.  Maciej was born as son of German parents in Ankara, Turkey, where he lived until he was fifteen years old.
After passing the Gymnasium in Marquartstein, Upper Bavaria, in 1962 Mr. Maciej studied law in Munich, Lausanne and Geneva. In 1972 he passed his first state examination at the Munich University; in 1974 he passed the second state examination in Munich as well.

Mr. Maciej was admitted to practice law as a Rechtsanwalt in Munich in 1975. Since 1980 he has been granted permission to represent clients at the High Regional Court.

Subsequent to taking up his work as attorney-at-law in 1975, Mr. Maciej studied economy and sociology and obtained a diploma in 1978. 

During the period from 1989 to 1992 Mr. Maciej underwent further training in tax law which he successfully completed with an examination in 1992 and was subsequently granted admission as chartered accountant. 

Mr. Maciej has a good written and oral command of English, French and Turkish, and a basic knowledge of Spanish, Italian, Greec and Arabic. 

In addition to general civil law, Mr. Maciej focuses primarily on the following fields of professional activities and interests:


Labour Law

Corporate law

Residence Act

Commercial law

Family law

Tax law

Traffic Accident Law

Administrative law

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